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Arizona Trail Detailed Passage Spreadsheet

I put together a detailed spreadsheet of each passage that includes miles, access from north and south, options to group passages, water sources, best seasons to hike each section, and total travel time (including drive time) to and from Phoenix. I found this extremely useful when planning each passage and a perfect complement to any section hiker.

Packing List

This is my master packing checklist that I have refined over the years. The first column (2-3 Days) is what we primarily used when hiking The Arizona Trail. The others come in handy when you need different gear. I have outlined several different lists including: 2-3 Days, Summer, Winter, Rain, 4+ Days and Ultra-Light.  Depending on how you choose to hike the Arizona Trail, you always want to be prepared and plan ahead.

Gear Recommendations

Below are some of our favorite companies where we bought our backpacking gear.

Additional Long Trails

If you enjoyed our trip along The Arizona Trail, and are a fan of long hikes, use this map to pick your next adventure on one of America's best long trails.

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